Get Started

Installing Manifold is Easy!

We offer three installation strategies for Manifold:

  1. Install from OS package
  2. Install with Docker images
  3. Install from source

For package installations, we distribute packages for Ubuntu and Redhat/CentOS. The package will install and configure every service needed to run Manifold. You will need root access to the host in order to install Manifold from these packages. This is the fastest, easiest way to install Manifold, but it also is the most intrusive and gives you the least control over the installation. That said, for users who are not familiar with the Manifold technology stack (Rails, Node, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Nginx), package installation will be the fastest and simplest approach.

When Manifold is installed using Docker, each service runs in its own Docker container and the services are coordinated using Docker compose.

We're still working on documentation for installing Manifold from source. For now, this is not an officially supported installation method, but we hope to provide guidance soon.

Keep an eye on Manifold.