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Why Manifold?
Bring Your Own Books

Publishers already work with authors, license copyrights, and create printed books. Let Manifold handle the web-based editions. You can easily convert your existing files into online publications, and Manifold’s open-source platform provides a beautiful, deep reading experience that fosters community and encourages discussion. If you need help getting started, we also offer Publishing Services to guide you every step of the way.

Manifold is built with real users in mind.

Manifold is designed with thoughtful features and powerful workflows throughout:

  • Read
    Beautiful fonts, control over type sizing and margins, and a smooth, responsive interface make for a great reading experience.
  • Annotate
    Support for annotations, highlighting, and bookmarking allow you to make each text your own.
  • Engage
    Robust community sharing and discussion threads allow you to interact with other readers and authors to help shape the work.
  • Explore
    Every Manifold project can have iterative texts, drafts, and additional resources; providing depth and context beyond the printed page.
  • Iterate
    Support for multiple texts within a Manifold project allows you to post early drafts, research documentation, and other supporting texts.
  • Share
    Easily share links to texts, sections, research materials, resources, and archives. Share directly, or through your preferred social media platforms.
  • Enrich
    Manifold projects can feature collections of media & resources that help your audience move beyond the limitations of standalone texts.
  • Analyze
    View detailed metrics showing how and where readers are engaging with your work, and directly reply or interact with them.
  • Integrate
    Every project is an authorized digital counterpart for your printed edition, with the same editorial standards and workflows.
  • Adapt
    Seamlessly import most major current digital formats, with support for modern publishing and metadata standards like DOIs.
  • Measure
    Manifold’s detailed analytics allow you to measure and review reading counts and user engagement for all your projects and texts.
  • Control
    Publishers have nearly unlimited flexibility with Manifold. Customize colors and branding, or make deeper adjustments to the code itself.
Do it yourself, or enlist our experts to help.

Different publishers have different needs. If you’ve got the resources and technical skills, you can install and maintain Manifold yourself. If you need assistance, Manifold Publishing Services can help you install and maintain your web publishing workflow.

Manifold hearts modern devices.
Manifold is built to be responsive, fast, and intuitive on all your digital devices—smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops.
Manifold is grant-funded, not-for-profit, and 100% open source.

Manifold is the result of a three-year long collaboration between two public universities and a digital development agency staffed with humanities scholars. Manifold is designed to provide a solid, robust publishing platform that is easy to install and use. And because it’s open source you can modify and adapt Manifold to your specifications, or develop additional features to meet your unique needs. Manifold is funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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