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Manifold was built to be easy to install and use. But we realize not everyone has the time or capacity to install and publish projects on their own. Which is why we offer a range of digital services to help you. We can help you set up your installation, publish projects, and follow through with technical support.

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Our Service Packages
Base Package $3,000
Includes the following services for one project file and up to ten resources:
book file
  • Cleanup of file structure
  • Ingestion onto system
  • Basic metadata curation
  • Ingestion onto system
  • Placement within text(s)
  • Basic metadata curation
Resource Package $1,000
Add a block of ten resources (at once or over time) to existing projects, with the following services:
  • Ingestion onto system
  • Placement within text(s)
  • Metadata curation
Copyediting Package Variable
Call to discuss and get a quote for which of the following services are right for your project:
  • Cleanup of file structure
  • Text tagging and encoding
  • Copyediting:
    • Evaluating level of edit needed
    • Preparing bespoke editing instructions for the copy editor
    • Scheduling and coordinating workflow with freelance copy editor and author(s)
    • Reviewing and finalizing edit
Files will be reviewed upon submission to confirm their level of complexity falls within the expected range. You will be notified if your materials may require extra time or attention before we commence our work.
Installation Package $750
A one‐time service, deploying and configuring the platform to your or a service‐provider's servers.
Consultation Package Variable
For organizations wanting hosting assistance and consultation, we will work with you to examine the best hosting options available for your situation—be they your own servers or cloud‐based solutions.
Maintenance Package Variable
To keep pace with new features and enhancements we offer platform upgrades and maintence at a rate of $155/hour.
Feature Package Variable
For organizations that want to create custom add‐ons to the platform, we will work with you to design, test, and implement those features at a rate of $155/hour.
Ready to start digitally publishing?

If one of our Digital Services packages looks right for your needs, send us a contact form and we’ll get in touch.

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Digital Services Support
If you are already a Digital Services client and need project production help, contact our Digital Project Editor.
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