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Manifold was built to be easy to install and use. But we realize not everyone has the time or capacity to install and publish projects on their own. Which is why we offer a range of digital services to help you. We can help you set up your installation, publish projects, and follow through with technical support.

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Managed Cloud Hosting $3,120 per year

100% outsourced and managed hosting of a single Manifold instance.

  • Hosted on Google Cloud 
  • 2 vCPUs, 7.5GB RAM
  • 80GB cloud storage & 200GB snapshot storage
  • Managed daily snapshots
  • Installation and initial configuration
  • 1 hour/month pre-paid support from Manifold development team
  • Regular updates to core Manifold software

Hosting is managed by Cast Iron Coding, the same team that designed and built Manifold in partnership with CUNY and the University of Minnesota Press.

Installation Package $750

A one‐time service, deploying and configuring the platform to your or a service‐provider's servers.

Consultation Package Variable

For organizations wanting hosting assistance and consultation, we will work with you to examine the best hosting options available for your situation—be they your own servers or cloud‐based solutions.

Maintenance Package Variable

To keep pace with new features and enhancements we offer platform upgrades and maintence at a rate of $155/hour.

Training and Production
Remote Training $250

Intended for those organizations who already have an instance of Manifold running, the remote training provides two hour-long, interactive web demos with the Manifold team. The first demo provides a high-level review of the platform, its features, and how it can support your materials. The second is geared toward those working directly in the system and will focus on the best means to prepare and load materials to the platform.

Onsite Training $1,200 + Travel Expenses

Are you a new publisher or one with a new digital initiative? Or, do you prefer in person training for your team? Lean on the experience of the Manifold Digital Projects Editor to explore sustainable ways you can extend your workflow and prepare your materials for Manifold. Package includes two days of bespoke in-person training for your organization.

Production Editor Package Variable

Do you have a one-off project, a few problem files, or a lack of time or staff to properly produce the content you need? Our production editor can help. From creating and customizing projects, helping prepare files, to offering content services like copyediting, we can assist you every step of the way to getting your materials ready and onto your Manifold instance. Standard rate is $46/hour.

Feature Package Variable

For organizations that want to create custom add‐ons to the platform, we will work with you to design, test, and implement those features at a rate of $155/hour.

Digital Services Support
If you are already a Digital Services client and need project production help, contact our Digital Project Editor.
Terence Smyre
University of Minnesota Press
Ready to start digitally publishing?

If one of our Digital Services packages looks right for your needs, send us a contact form and we’ll get in touch.

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