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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What files are supported for upload into Manifold?

    Manifold can ingest Texts directly from EPUB, Microsoft Word (.docx), Google Docs, HTML, and Markdown. We also have nascent support for materials authored in LaTeX.

    Check out our documentation for details about which files are supported for each the Resources types.

  • What if I don’t have an EPUB file? Can I still upload a text to Manifold?

    Absolutely! Manifold can ingest texts directly from Word (.docx), Google Docs, Markdown, and HTML. We also have nascent support for LaTeX files.

  • Can I author or edit texts in Manifold?

    Presently, no—Manifold was not envisioned as being an authoring platform. As part of our next phase of development, we are exploring the possibility of adding limited functionality that would allow users to make adjustments to texts that have been loaded into the system.

  • Can I turn off the commenting feature?

    The commenting feature can't presently be turned off, but you can hide all the annotations and comments—even your own—by clicking the eye icon in the upper right of the Reader and then adjusting which annotations and highlights you see. By default the system shows all annotations and highlights associated with a text.

    As part of this phase of our development, we are exploring the possibility of enabling or disabling comments on both a project and text basis.

  • How can I customize the Project landing page?

    With the forthcoming release of Manifold 3.0 we have added significant functionality to manage the appearance of the landing page to better suit the needs of your material, whether it happens to books, journals, conference proceedings, syllabi, dissertations, or OER and classroom materials. The interface is now highly customizable and modular, relying on what we call "content blocks." Check back soon and we'll have a link here to the new documentation showcasing all that is possible. 

  • Can I customize the branding in my installation of Manifold?

    Yes! You can replace the default Manifold logos with your own and modify the color scheme to reflect those of your organization. You can also customize the feature blade on the home page and add custom pages, links appearing in the header, footer, or both. And you can include your social identities for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the footer.

  • What types of media are supported to upload into the Resource section?

    It depends on the kind of Resource you're using. Check out our documentation for details on which file types are supported for each kind of Resource.

  • What is the size limit for media uploaded into the Resource section?

    That depends on your publisher and their set up. A good rule of thumb though is to let your publisher know if you have individual files larger than 200MB.

  • What if I don’t have permission to upload media to the Resource section?

    If you don't have permission from the appropriate rights holder to use the material, you need to work with your publisher to secure the necessary rights before uploading those materials to be hosted on the system. In cases where it's not possible to secure the rights, Manifold provides a Link Resource that allows authors to annotate their materials with links to external materials.

  • Do I need an internet connection to use Manifold?

    You do. Manifold is of the internet and requires a connection to both read and interact with.

  • What is the minimum metadata requirement for starting a project?

    While we suggest you bring your metadata A-game, you only need a title to begin a project. Any other metadata can be added in later, as suits your purposes. 

  • Do I need to register for an account to read a Manifold edition?

    No. Unregistered readers can still read any open text on Manifold, but accounts are required for those who want to highlight or annotate passages or otherwise engage in any community discussion on the platform.

  • If I register for a Manifold account hosted by one publisher, do I need to create a separate account for a different instance of Manifold hosted by another publisher?

    Yes. At present, accounts created for one Manifold are specific to that particular instance of Manifold.

  • What happens when I follow a project?

    Followed projects are gathered together in the Following pane for quick access and to easily see which have been updated since your last visit.

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