Crafting Your Proposal

Unless otherwise invited to do so by your publisher, plan on submitting a prospectus in advance of a complete manuscript. The submission of unrevised dissertations, unless solicited, is generally discouraged. Your prospectus should include, at a minimum, the following information:

  • An overview of your project, made up of
    • a summary of its main contributions;
    • a description of the theoretical framework and methodology that you employ (if applicable);
    • a comparison of your work against others in the field and an explanation of how your research distinguishes itself from them;
    • a description of the project’s target audience(s); and
    • a sense of why your project is particularly suitable for Manifold, with details of those aspects of the platform you’d like to take advantage of
  • Draft table of contents and chapter summaries
  • Manuscript specifics, such as estimated
    • word length (including notes and citations),
    • completion date, and
    • number and type of illustrations intended for the print edition
  • Platform specifics, including
    • a sense of the kinds of media you have access to and would like serve your audience beyond those intended for any print edition;
    • expected publishing schedule (e.g., weekly, monthly); and
    • extending from that, a brief description of how (and how often) you expect to engage with the platform and your readers, both before and after the publication of the monograph
  • An outline of subvention sources, if any, that might be available to support the open-access edition
  • Current curriculum vitae for each of the project’s contributors
  • Your contact information, including mailing address, phone numbers, and e-mail address