Writing for Manifold

Manifold projects begin with authors and their willingness to think beyond the normal confines of traditional print strictures. Allowing for a much more expansive archive of primary sources, such as field notes, moving images, audio, interactive data and maps, photographs, interviews, and archival material, a Manifold project asks that an author think creatively about the broad set of materials that is collected in the process of researching and writing a book. A Manifold project can be iterative, showing how a book evolves in real time, drawing on the collective expertise of early readers to crystallize its core arguments. Early drafts of chapters, journal articles, and field notes can show, long before the finished book is published, the author’s arguments evolving and resonating with a community of readers.

This section of documentation is intended to be used by Manifold authors who are looking to better understand

  • what kinds of rights concerns they are likely going to need to negotiate for their publisher,
  • how to approach a publisher with a Manifold edition in mind, and
  • best practices for authoring their material for this and all modern publishing systems.

Also of interest will be considerations in other sections for how the platform can serve and showcase supporting resources and how best to format materials for the Manifold reader in the following file types: