Search Functionality

Every search bar in the Manifold application supports phrasal searches and negations.

Users can search for specific phrases enclosed in quotation marks to look for exact matches in runs of text (e.g., "fear in the mind killer").

It is also possible to combine the quotation-mark operators with negations: users can append a minus sign before elements and phrases they wish to omit from search results (e.g., -negate -this keep that or -"no to all of this").

In practice this means it’s possible to search for "fear is" -"fear itself" to get results from Frank Herbert’s Dune (“fear is the mind-killer”) but not Roosevelt’s speech.

  • Quoting a phrase will still apply stemming, thus Manifold takes into account misspellings, ignores cases, etc.
  • When negations are employed, they follow the NOR paradigm instead of NAND. If a search includes -apples -bananas Manifold will exclude results that mention apples or bananas instead of excluding results that only include both apples and bananas.