This section offers a brief overview of common interface capabilities users will encounter in the Manifold backend.


Many Manifold fields are contained within drawers that open up from the right side of the screen. Often times these will require the user to scroll within the drawer pane to see all the available options and to save the intended settings.

Drawer Interface
Much like the annotation drawer on the frontend, drawers in the backend open from the right side of the screen and allow users to make adjustments to system settings. This drawer shows the Description and Imagery options in a project's Layout section.

Grab Bars

Horizontal grab bars allow users to manually reorder content. They are found primarily in views under the Projects menu, notably in a project’s Layout and People sections:

Reorder people records Reorder calls-to-action Reorder layout
Top to bottom: Using grab bars to reorder Maker records in the People sidebar; calls-to-action in the Layout section; and the order of Content Blocks, also in the Layout section.

TypeAhead Dropdowns

Many dropdowns in the Manifold backend are of the selector sort, which provide by typeahead and dropdown functionality. Begin typing in the dropdown field, and Manifold will begin populating results that match the input. Alternatively, these interfaces allow for manual selection of available option through a dropdown, scroll selection.

TypeAhead Dropdown
Subjects and Tags are two examples of fields that function as TypeAhead Dropdowns.