Exploring Projects

Projects in Manifold operate as containers the way books do on a shelf—only in Manifold, they contain not only the main text but also, potentially, draft texts and supplemental resources beyond the scope of print appendices.

Each project has its own homepage, made up of a banner section, recent activity, texts, resources, and project metadata.

The banner section is meant to orient the reader to what the project is about and how to engage with it. The section is a collection of descriptive elements that can include its title, author names and photos, description, book cover, and social media links.

If you are a backend user, instructions on how to manage this section are detailed in the General and Appearance sections.

Activity Feed

Below a project’s banner you will see a feed of Recent Activity that signal the addition of new texts and resources, as well as references to the project in social media.

For backend users interested in how to curate this section and set up searches to pull in references in social media, see the Activity and Social sections.


The Texts section collects all the various texts the editor of the project has chosen to showcase in the reader. Texts can be grouped along different, custom, themes as determined by a publisher and will always include the date they were added to the platform beside tallies of how many notes and highlights you have added to the text. When clicked a reader will be taken into Manifold’s reading interface.

Discussion on how to add and curate texts is considered in the Texts section for users accessing the Manifold backend.


Below the project’s texts are a summary of the resources (or curated collections of resources) that have been associated with it. Follow View All Resources to see a comprehensive listing of all of a project’s resources with functionality to sort and search through them.

For backend users interested in how to use resources with a project see the Preparing Resources and Customizing Projects sections.


Metadata can be associated with projects (as a whole) and individual texts and resources. Project resources appear at the bottom of a project’s homepage, beneath the resources section.

The best place for backend users to begin working with metadata in Manifold is in the Customizing Projects section. The Reference section serves as a good introductory primer to the individual metadata fields available on the platform.