Exploring and Placing Resources

Manifold expands scholarly works in many ways. Importantly, Manifold makes available and portable a collection of relevant resources that support an author’s textual materials. Research and data collected by the author (in a host of different file formats) can be served alongside the text to augment and enhance the richness of an author’s argument.

In this section we will discuss

Exploring Resources

When supplemental resources have been added to a project, they can be accessed and engaged with from the following areas within a project:

Each are described in detail in the following sections.

Project Homepage

In the Resource blade of the project homepage, readers can see a preview of the library of resources that have been loaded to a project.

Resource Blade

When a reader clicks on an individual resource, they will be taken to the resource page, where all the contextual and metadata information is provided alongside the resource.

Project Resource Library

The full library of a project’s resources can be accessed from the Resource blade on the homepage by clicking on View All Project Resources, or from a resource’s detail page using the Back to Project Resources link at the bottom.

Project Resources

Depending on the resource type, the library allows you to preview, view directly, or download individual resources. Users can also search through the library by title or sort through them by type or tag.

Resource Previewer

The resource previewer is a modal that overlays the screen with a preview of a resource along with associated descriptive information. The previewer is opened when a reader clicks on a resource that has been placed onto a text, indicated by a cube marker in the text and a thumbnail in the margins, or when the Preview or View button is clicked in the Project Resources Library. If the resource in question is a media file that can be run or interacted with in the browser, an appropriate player will be provided to engage with the content. See the Resource Players section for more.

Preview Modal

Resource Page

A Resource Page is where a resource is displayed in full: descriptive and accessibility information are provided alongside associated metadata; if possible, the content is rendered or made available in a player; and options to download and share the resource are provided if the publisher has the necessary permission to do so. Resources, like text, are also available for discussion on the platform. Here on the Resource Page, a reader can comment and discuss the resource publicly (comments to Resources cannot be made private).

Resource Page

Resource Pages can be accessed by clicking View Resource from a listing in the Activity blade on a project’s homepage (and the associated All Activity Page accessible from the same blade), by clicking on a resource in the Resource blade, by clicking on a resource tile from the Resource Library, or by clicking Visit Resource Page from the previewer modal.

Resource Viewers and Players

Some resources can be played or engaged with directly in the Manifold interface. Players appear in both the previewer modal and on the resource page for the following resource types.

For backend users interested in which file types play natively in the Manifold players, see the Preparing Resources section.

Image Viewer

The image viewer displays a static image and allows a reader to zoom in for greater detail.

Image Viewer

Video Player

The video player allows readers to play, pause, scrub forward and backward through a file—by dragging the progress bar forward and backward—as well as adjust volume settings and explode the view to full screen.

Video Player

Audio Player

The audio player allows readers to play, pause, scrub forward and backward through a file—by dragging the progress bar forward and backward—as well as adjust volume settings. Readers can also click on the equalizer to skip forward and backward to a specific time in a track.

Audio Player

Interactive Viewer

The interactive viewer is an iFrame that serves as a portal from Manifold to the host of the content in question. Whatever functionality is present on the host site will be possible in the viewer.

Interactive Viewer

Placing Resources in Texts

If you’re logged in with an account that has backend access and permissions to adjust the project in question, when you highlight a passage of text in the reader, the second option available in the menu that appears is Resource. This function allows you to associate any resource (or resource collection) that have already been loaded into the project’s resource library with specific passages of text. This does not embed the resource into the text so much as lay them upon it.

When you click Resource, a drawer will open from the right allowing you to select from any resource file that’s already been uploaded to that project. When you select your resource (or collection) a gray cube will be placed at the end of your cursor selection and a thumbnail of the resource will appear in the left margin. When you hover over either they will turn a shade of green, and when clicked a modal will overlay the text previewing the resource or allowing you to interact with it, if it’s of a kind playable in the browser.

For backend users interested in loading resources to a project, see the Customizing Projects section.