Project Library

The Manifold homepage acts as the library of titles a publisher is offering on the platform. This library is divided into three main categories by default: Featured Projects, Our Projects, and Following. However, if a publisher is employing Project Collections as means to showcase their materials, those preferences will supersede the default views discussed here in the Featured Projects and Our Projects sections. See the Project Collections section for more.

Projects appear in the library with their thumbnail or cover image, title, author, and date of most recent update.

The first category of projects you will see on a Manifold landing page are the Featured Projects, titles suggested by the publisher to give you a curated sample of what’s new and available.

If you are a backend user, projects can be added or removed individually from the Featured section through the General sidebar.

Our Projects

Below Featured Projects is the Our Projects section, which displays all the publisher’s holdings. From a dropdown menu, you can select filters to view titles by subject category assigned by the publisher.

Sorting projects by these categories creates a stable URL that can be shared so others can land on the page with the same results.

To learn more about how to create and curate subject categories as an Administrator, see the Subjects section.


Following projects allows you to group those titles of interest to you in one place for easy access. To start following a project, click the green circle with a white plus sign on the top left of a project’s thumbnail. When you hover over the plus sign you are given the option to follow that project. When you do so the green circle will change to a blue one with a white check mark. Likewise, you unfollow a project by hovering over the blue circle and selecting “unfollow.”

Followed projects can be accessed by selecting Following from the top menu bar, or by clicking the Projects You're Following button below Featured Projects and Our Projects.