Annotating and Commenting


If you’re logged into Manifold, when you highlight text with your cursor a menu will appear providing you various options to interact with the text. If you select Annotate, a sliding drawer will open from the right where you can compose notes associated with the passage in question. Annotations can be made for public consideration or kept private by checking This Annotation is Private. If you leave your annotation publicly, it can be commented on by other readers who are logged in.

Once you have clicked Save, your annotation will be attached to that project. When you return to the Project homepage, you will find a counter indicating how many annotations (and highlights) you have added to the project.


Commenting is a related but distinct functionality from Annotating. Unlike annotations, comments are strictly public and refer to responses to public annotations. Each comment is saved to the project and is associated with the account that created it. Comments can themselves be replied to and are set off visually from those they are responding up through four levels of nesting. After the fourth level, responses to comments aren’t visually distinct, but replies are always possible, regardless of how deep a conversation may go.

Comments can also be applied to project resources. See the resource section for more information.