Project Types

Manifold is engineered to be very accommodating of the needs of different kinds of publications and the varied standards and expectations of different publishers. Broadly, though, there are three different project types available through the system:


The simplest use of the platform, where the electronic expression of a work is made available for open consumption on the web. If the work exists in print, the experience for the reader is as close to a one-to-one translation between the print and electronic editions as is possible.


Building upon the open-access model, the publisher, and author load Resources onto the platform to accompany and enhance the electronic edition.


The most radical of the three options, iterative projects are published as they are written in accordance with the editorial standards of the publisher, building to a final version of record (VOR) whose online version is congruent with any printed works that result from the project. Texts-in-process can be clearly labelled to readers as drafts, with the term to be defined however the publisher thinks best: without peer review, copy editing, proofreading, or some combination of the like. Note that project iterations need not be exclusively text-based: adding new media Resources and expounding upon them with associated Texts or through robust metadata may be as important to a project as an original Text may be.

Coming Soon

In conjunction with those listed above, in late 2018/early 2019 we will be adding support for more project types that will allow users to better customize the platform to meet their publishing needs. When ready, projects will able to be differentiated and crafted along the following lines:

  • Simple Book
  • Enhanced Book
  • Journal or Collection from single or multiple sources
  • OER or Teaching Resource
  • Report or Handbook
  • Resource Only