Google Docs


A Manifold instance must first be set up to integrate with Google Services before it can ingest Google Docs.


Once a Manifold instance is integrated with Google Services, the system can ingest any Google Doc that is publicly available or that has its permissions set so that anyone with the link can view it.

Google Doc Permissions

Rendering Google Docs

Heading structure, character rendering (including indentation), tables, and figures that are part of the document will transfer to Manifold in a way that is consistent with the source material, with the following exceptions, which Manifold will not honor:

  • Columns
  • Custom fonts
  • Page breaks
  • Bullet points. Text formatted as bullet points will come in as list elements, but they will appear without bullet characters.
  • Footnotes. Any footnote in the document will be transformed into an endnote, appearing at the end of the text section.

To learn more about how to add supported elements into a Google Doc, consult the G Suite Learning Center.


When individual Google Docs are ingested into the Manifold Reader, the system will look for text that a user has applied heading formatting to and include those elements as navigable items on the Contents dropdown.

Google Doc Headings

Note. It is not presently possible to map specific headings from individual Google docs into the reader's Contents dropdown when loading them as part of a Manifest.

See the Writing for the Web section for instructions on how to appropriately designate headings as elements Manifold can recognize.

Media Inserts

Google Docs allows authors the ability to insert a number of different media types directly into the document, inline with the flow of text. All of those media inserts—images, tables, drawings, and charts—will transfer as expected from Google to Manifold, including animated GIFs. Equations, however, are an exception. Equations built in Google don’t render in Manifold.

There is an issue on the Manifold GitHub repository that concerns itself with mathematical expressions. If being able to better render such content is important to your workflow, please add your thoughts to that issue, which you can access from this link.