Social Integrations

Twitter Queries

Every hour Manifold will fetch up to 60 tweets for each of a project’s Twitter Queries.

A Twitter Query is composed of the following characteristics:

  • Query. A string of parameters as specified in the Twitter search operators.
  • Results Type. The types of tweets to return. Allowed types are “most recent” and “most popular”.
  • Active. Specifies whether Manifold should fetch tweets for the Query. Manifold will skip the query if active is set to false.

Managing Queries

Twitter Query details are accessed from the drawer, which opens when a query is clicked in the Twitter Queries section.

Fetching Tweets

To fetch a Twitter Query’s tweets immediately, click the Fetch Tweets button beside the green check icon under the Query’s header. If successful, the drawer will close and you should see the query’s event count increase.

Deleting a Query

To delete a Twitter Query, click the Delete Query button beside the red trashcan icon under the Query’s header. You will receive a warning asking you to confirm you want to delete this particular Query. Deleting a Query permanently removes them from the system along with any associated tweet events.