In this menu users who have permissions to modify the project at hand can associate Maker records with it. Doing so relates a Maker record to the project as a whole and not to a specific text within it. For more about the latter, please refer to the Texts section.

Maker records can be associated with a project as Authors or as Contributors. At present there are no options for more refined categorization (i.e., Edited by, Translated by, Introduction by, etc.)

When a Maker is associated with a project as an Author, their name and avatar (if one has been added to the record) will appear on the project landing page, beneath the project title, and also in the project library, beneath the project’s cover or avatar.

Makers associated as Contributors will have their name show up only on the project landing page beneath the author’s name. Their avatar will not be included.

Note. Associating a Maker record as an Author in this space is not the same as giving a user account “Is a Project Author” permissions. For more on the distinction, see the Users section.

Associating Maker Records with Projects

To associate a Maker record with a project as either an Author or Contributor, click the Add an Author field beneath the appropriate heading and begin typing the name of the user you are looking for. The system will suggest names to you of records already in the system, based of what you have typed. Click on the result that matches the Maker you are searching for, and the record will be associated to the project as either an Author or Contributor and listed beneath the appropriate heading.

If there are no results for the name you type, you may need to create a new Maker record.

Editing or Removing Makers

From this screen you can modify the user accounts that are associated with the project or remove them from the project entirely by clicking on the pen or “X” icons, respectively. More details about this process can be found in the creating Makers section, under the New Project-Level Maker Records heading.

Changing Record Order

If there is more than one record under the Author or Contributor heading, you can resort them using the horizontal grab bars on the far right, which allow users to manually drag and drop the records into the desired order.

Order Maker Records