Customizing Projects

When you click on an existing project listed on the backend dashboard, you will be taken to the backend project page, where you can modify, add, or delete texts, resources, or the metadata associated with them, as well as adjust how the project appears for readers.

If you user account role is that of an Administrator or Editor, you will be able to fully modify everything on the project page for any project in the instance where you have those credentials.

Project Creators will be able to see and modify only the project pages for those projects they have created or have been given that permission.

Marketeers will be able to see and update all items on any project within an instance, but they will not be able to create new projects or delete existing ones.

Backend Project Page

The project page is divided between a header, sidebar, and editing panel. You will navigate the project page by clicking on different sidebar menu items, which, in turn, will change the options you are presented in the editing panel. Displayed here is a sample project where the user has selected Text from the sidebar, changing the editing panel to options specific to that category.

Project Page Parts

The header displays the title and subtitle of the project you are currently editing, with options to Preview or Delete it. When you navigate into a text or resource the header will adjust accordingly, displaying the title of the text or resource as appropriate with the same options to Preview or Delete, as well as providing a backlink to return back to the project page. The example below shows the view if the user from above clicked on the “Contextualizing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” text.

Project Nav

Previewing a Project

Clicking Preview from the header will load the project’s landing page in a new browser tab, allowing you to preview any changes you’ve made to the project without having to exit the backend.

Deleting a Project

When you click the Delete button from the header, the system will prompt you to confirm that you want to delete the project. If you click Yes, all of the project’s texts, resources, annotations, highlights, and comments will be purged from the system; however, any Maker records associated with the project as authors or contributors will remain in the system unless they are removed manually through the People menu.

Warning. There is no means to recover a project that has been deleted.

Managing a Project

All available means to customize a project are contained on this page and broken into the eleven categories denoted in the sidebar, which are described in full in the following sections. By default, when you arrive on the project page you will land in the General sidebar category.

When you click on a sidebar item the editing panel will adjust to reveal options particular to that section. You must save any changes, using the Save Project button at the bottom of the editing panel, before moving from one section to make adjustments in another. If you make changes without clicking Save Project the system will prompt you to do so before proceeding.