Working with Resource Collections

Collections are groupings of resources that can be used to orient a reader around certain themes or as a means to place a series of resources onto a text with one insertion.

Collections appear and take display precedence in the Resources blade of a project’s landing page, where their individual contents can be accessed and engaged with:

Resources Blade

For details on how to place a Collection in a Text, see the Reading Interface section.

Collection in a Text

Creating a New Resource Collection

Resource Collections are created through the Collections sidebar of the backend project page:

Collections Sidebar

Required User Credentials

To access the Collections sidebar and create a new Collection, a user who has a Reader or Project Creator role will require Can Modify Project permissions for the project in question. Users with Marketeer, Editor, or Administrator roles will, by default, be able to create new Collections in the instance where they have those credentials.

For more information about credentials, see the User Accounts section.

Adding a Collection to a Project

To create a new Collection of resources, click the Add a New Collection button.

You will be prompted to enter a Title, Description, and upload a Cover Image for the new Collection. Only a Title is required at this point, and all three fields can be updated later.

The Cover Image should be prepared in a 9:4 ratio and saved as a GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, or SVG.

Once you hit Save and Continue your Collection will be created and you’ll be taken to the Collection landing page, denoted by two sidebar items: General and Resources.

The General sidebar allows you to modify the Title, Description, and Cover Image. The Resources sidebar, discussed further in the following section, will be the means by which you add different resources to the collection.

Adding Resources to a Collection

To add a Resource to a Collection, select the Collection you wish to edit from the list displayed from the Collections sidebar, and then select Resources from the new sidebar that appears.

Here you will be shown a list of all Resources associated with a project. If no Resources have been added, refer to the Adding Resources section before proceeding.

Next to each available Resource there will be a slider. Toggling a Resource’s slider to the right (so that green is showing on the slide) adds that Resource to the Collection.

To review all the Resources you’ve added to the Collection, click Show Collection Only next to the Resources heading above the search bar. This will allow you to remove items from the collection without having to parse through all the available Resources at once.

You can also use the search bar to set parameters—name, tag, kind—as a means to refine the list of available Resources down to a smaller set you may want to toggle in or out of the Collection.