Creating Projects

To create a new project in the system, click the Add a New Project button on the backend Dashboard, or, alternatively, navigate to the Projects menu and under the All Projects submenu click the button of the same name.


Doing so will bring up a prompt for the new project’s title, subtitle, and description. Only the title field is required, though any information entered now can be modified later.

New Project

The system will also provide you with a series of four prompts to help set up the layout of the new project. Manifold is great for longform, but it can also support a wide variety of publications, from edited collections, pamphlets, journals, and handbooks to robust OER and teaching tools—even projects made up of only audio/visual elements. Responses to these questions will help Manifold properly showcase your content.

If these prompts don’t resonate, or if you prefer to skip this setup guide, just click the “next” button. Don’t worry, the effects of your selections here can easily be modified later. Check out the project layout section for all the options Manifold makes available.

Cheat Sheet. Answering “Yes” to each prompt adds a different content block to your project: in order, a Text block, a Resource block, a Markdown block, and finally a Recent Activity block.

When you click Save and Continue, your new project will be created, and the system will deliver you to the project page.

Note. To create a new project you must have an Administrator, Editor, or Project Creator role. For more information, see the User Accounts section.

Before you begin, it will be handy to have the following at the ready: a project description, a hero image, and a project thumbnail.