Maker Records

Maker records are author (or contributor) metadata—name and avatar—that can be associated with projects and texts. A single maker record can have different designations on different projects (e.g., an author of one project may be a contributor to another). To associate maker records with a specific project, refer to the Projects section.

Maker records are created automatically by the system when a text is ingested through the EPUB strategy, populated by author metadata included within the file being uploaded. If your text doesn’t have the requisite metadata, maker records can be created manually by users with Administrative, Editor, or Project Creator credentials. See the Creating Accounts page for details on that process and also about the creation process for project-level maker records.

Note that if you are an author who wants to engage with your material on Manifold, you will have both a user account—likely in the capacity of a Reader role with Author or Metadata Editor permission status—and a maker record, which will serve your display name and avatar to the projects and texts you have played an authorial role in.