Accounts and Roles

This section of documentation describes how to create and modify user accounts and maker records (see below on how the two are different), what user roles are available and how they differ, and what system functionality is unlocked through the different permission allowances that can be assigned to users on a project-by-project basis.

User Accounts vs. Maker Records

The terms user and maker are well intentioned but also somewhat fuzzy. To help dispel any possible confusion, it is important to note that user accounts are for those who mean to use Manifold actively—readers, authors, research assistants, publishers, DH or library staff—engaging with texts and resources on the frontend or by curating and managing projects in the backend.

Maker records are just that—editable metadata records—appended to projects and texts as a means to ascribe credit to those who created the content. Maker records relate to the reader who authored, edited, or otherwise produced the projects and texts with which they are engaging by way of the maker’s preferred display name and photo.

An example of how these two differ: if Jane Eyre was loaded into the system, there would be a maker record for Charlotte Brontë, since she is the author of that text, but there couldn’t be a Charlotte Brontë user account because she won’t be reading, annotating, or curating projects on the platform.

See Also

While Manifold accounts are primarily managed within the backend’s Records menu; some functionality is also found in a projects sidebar and is detailed in the Customizing Projects portion of this documentation, specifically the Access and People sections.

To learn how to associate a contemporary author’s user account with their own project, see the the People section.