Upgrading from Debian Packages

Note: Manifold is a new piece of software, and we're working hard to refine and improve the installation process. If you run into problems, please don't get frustrated. Let us know in Slack (join here) or report the issue here. It's very important to us that Manifold be easy to install, and we appreciate your help as we improve this process.

The following instructions assume that you installed Manifold from a .deb file, and are updating that installation.

1. Download the most recent package

Shell into the server as root and download the most recent package.

On Ubuntu 16:

cd ~
curl -O https://storage.googleapis.com/manifold-dist/ubuntu16/manifold_5.1.3-1_amd64.deb

On Ubuntu 18:

cd ~
curl -O https://storage.googleapis.com/manifold-dist/ubuntu18/manifold_5.1.3-1_amd64.deb

2. Install the Package

dpkg -i manifold_5.1.3-1_amd64.deb

Because it contains all dependencies, the omnibus package is rather large. Updating with dpkg will take a fair amount of time, so be patient and let the installer run.

3. Stop services and reconfigure

Stop all Manifold services with manifold-ctl stop. Then run manifold-ctl reconfigure to ensure that all configuration is current. Once that’s complete, you can restart the services with manifold-ctl start.

/usr/local/bin/manifold-ctl stop
/usr/local/bin/manifold-ctl reconfigure
/usr/local/bin/manifold-ctl start

Once this process is complete, visit the fully qualified domain name in your browser. Depending on the hosting environment, restarting Manifold can take a minute or two, so please be patient.