Post-Install Step #1: Access the Backend

All content stored in Manifold—texts, projects, authors, resources, users, etc—is managed through Manifold’s backend interface. The backend is available at the /backend path. For example, if your domain name was your-manifold-domain.tld, you’d access the backend at http://your-manifold-domain.tld/backend.

Before you can login to the backend, you will need to make an administrative user. Manifold exposes Rake commands provided by the API Rails application by way of a manifold-api executable located at /usr/local/bin/manifold-api. This executable includes a command for creating an admin user. Call this command as follows:

sudo manifold-api manifold:user:create:admin["","password","firstName","lastName"]

Substitute your email, password, first and last into the command above. If the command succeed, Manifold will let you know. For example:

manifold@manifold-deb:/etc/manifold# sudo manifold-api manifold:user:create:admin["","Lycidas","John","Milton"]
    INFO: A User has been created. Its ID is 9b8c863f-60cd-44aa-ad99-dbb842e51aa2

Once you’ve created an admin user, click on the avatar icon in the top right corner of the Manifold frontend to login. After logging in successfully, you will see an “admin mode” button in the header. Click the admin mode button to access the backend.