Project Subjects

The Subjects menu enables management of the subjects a publisher wishes to associate with the catalog of their projects. Here you can add new subjects to the system, search through existing subjects, modify subject titles, and delete unwanted subject categories.

To add a new subject to the system, click Add a Subject. A drawer will open from the right allowing you to name the new category. If the name you select is already in the system, Manifold will alert you. Otherwise you can simply hit return (or enter) on your keyboard or click Save and Continue, and your subject will be created for other users to assign to projects as needed. You can create as many subjects as needed.


To modify or delete a subject, click its name from the listing to access its drawer for editing. If you want to delete the subject, click Delete Subject below the subject’s name.

See the Customizing section for instructions on how to associate subjects with a specific project.