Customizing Manifold

Once you have installed Manifold, you may want to adjust your instance to represent your organization more specifically. From the backend, you can use the Records and Settings menus to access various options for customizing the appearance of and adding information to your instance:


  • Makers. Used to create records of those who have created or authored project materials. See the Accounts and Roles section for more details.
  • Users. Used to create accounts for those who will read and actively engage with materials on Manifold. See the Accounts and Roles section for more details.
  • Pages. Used for creating content pages (e.g., About, Privacy Policy).
  • Features. Where the featured content banner at the head of the homepage can be adjusted.


  • General. For setting up defaults about institutional and instance identity.
  • Theme. A space for customizing publisher branding and style.
  • Integrations. Where external services are setup through third party integrations (i.e., Google, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Subjects. For curating global categories as a means to organize projects.
  • Email. Setup for how your instance with interact with users through email.
For details on how to access the backend, see the Projects section.